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My husband and I joined Israel Tour for 10 days in April 2017. All their tour guides are experts in Bible and the Holy Land. They are extremely considerate and always show us kindness and love! We become family after the tour. We highly recommend this Tour Company, and their Tour Guides Yaron, Uri, Gershon and William. We miss them and we miss Israel very much. We will definitely come back and join this tour again.

我和丈夫在四月份2017年參加這旅遊公司的十天以色列團。他們的導遊都是聖經和以色列地的專家。他們對我們充滿細心、恩慈和愛,我們都成為一家人了。我們高度推介導遊Yaron,Uri,Gershon 和William。我們已經開始掛念他們和懷念以色列。我們必定會重來和再次參加這旅遊公司!

Bianca and Jacky Lo from Hong Kong