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We were extremely privileged to have Yaron as our tour guide / teacher in our time in beautiful Israel. Although we visited many places in little over a week, Yaron made sure that we understood the biblical, historical and personal significance for each location – that was very dear. Our group was composed of many ages –the oldest member being close to 90 years. Yaron was always gracious to re-explain something, when our group moved slowly, or when we got distracted and took photos instead of paying attention! One thing that stood out was that his passion for the Lord Yeshua and for his people in Israel really caught onto us and propelled us to anticipate each day. We REALLY miss Yaron like one of our family, and pray to see him again in Israel soon. To everyone planning a trip to Israel, PLEASE seriously consider Yaron as your tour guide / teacher – the trip will not only a holiday, but a life changing, eye opening experience, as we have discovered.

Blessings, the Jacobs (Perth, Australia).