Golgotha Israel - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have many tours of Israel booked for 2020 / 2021 but if you are thinking of Touring Israel in 2020 / 2021, now is the time to begin your preparation. Booking early can get you some really good deals. Below are a few questions we normally get asked by customers before travelling.

When should I visit Israel in 2020 / 2021?

Well this depends on what you want to see and do. If your main focus is on nice weather then really you have the whole year to choose from – not forgetting that during the months of July through September the weather can become really hot. Rainy and more cooler weather can be experienced in December through February.

If you want to visit Israel during a Jewish festival then the most common dates are:

Purim – 10th March 2020 (26th Feb 2021) – Purim is one of the most fun holidays on the Jewish calendar
Shavu’ot – 28th – 30th May 2020 (17th – 18th May 2021) – Pentecost – Feast of Weeks
Rosh Hashana – 18th – 20th Sept 2020 (7th-8th Sept 2021) – The Jewish New Year
Yom Kippur – 27th – 28th Sept 2020 (16th Sept 2021) – Day of Atonement
Sukkot – 2nd – 9th October 2020 (21st – 27th Sept 2021) – Feast of Tabernacles

Baptisms in the Jordan River

Baptism’s in the River Jordan can be included on any Israel Tour in 2020 / 2021. There are two main sites where Baptisms take place on the Jordan River – one is near Jericho and the other is near the Sea of Galilee. Depending on the length of your tour and the locations you want to visit, advice can be given on the best location to visit to suit your itinerary.

There is also a third option available – you could always try a half day river rafting experience on the Jordan River. Participating in this activity almost guarantee’s a free baptism, or maybe even more than one!

Is it safe to Visit Israel in 2020 / 2021?

The answer is a resounding YES! This is probably the most asked question by travelers. Please don’t always believe what you see on the TV. Israel, like any other country, has its issues but it is also one of the safest, friendliest locations on the planet to visit.

Each year we have many, many churches who book tours of Israel, many of which have people in their groups who are afraid due to what they see on TV. After spending a few days touring the Holy Land, 100% of these travelers (Yes, 100%) have then told us that they definitely want to return to Israel in the future and quite often book up there and then for a return visit the following year.

Do I need to speak Hebrew?

No, you do not need to speak Hebrew to visit Israel. Most shops, attractions and locals speak English as well as Hebrew. All road signs are also displayed in English as well as in Hebrew.

Is a tour of Israel suitable for people with disabilities?

Definitely Yes. We have a lot of experience in leading tours of Israel for people with disabilities. Most hotels and attractions have accessibility for those with limiting disorders and we also have access to buses / coaches with the necessary lifts to accommodate people in wheel chairs.

I have other questions

No problem. Just drop us an email or give us a call and one of our advisers will try their best to answer your queries. We really hope to see you for a Christian Israel Tour in 2020 / 2021.

Blessings in Yeshua.


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loader - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021

positive min - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021  We had an amazing day tour. We accomplished quite a bit in one day - a boat tour on the Sea of Galilee and visits of Capernaum, Tabgha, Mount of Olives, Kibbutz Ginosar, Jericho, Nazareth, and Cana. In addition, we were dropped off at Ben Gurion Int'l Airport after the tour. Yaron, our guide, is very knowledgeable, witty, and accomodating. We highly recommend Elbow and Yaron.

1570800130 2551706934875938 - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021 Tito Alcantara
October 11, 2019

positive min - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021  We had an amazing tour of Jorden River, Dead Sea, the road of Jericó with Yaron. He is a very knowledgeable man. Answer the questions that we had.

1567794276 2731885130177249 - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021 Miguel Martinez
September 6, 2019

positive min - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021  We had an amazing tour of Jerusalem with Yaron. He is a very knowledgeable man and easily connects with people. He went out of his way to make sure we can have the most of our time in Jerusalem. He made our Jerusalem experience a very beautiful and memorable one. I wish we did our whole Israel tour with him. We highly recommend this tour.

1549268772 3056755631065550 - Christian Israel Tour 2020/2021 Gay Paduhilao
February 4, 2019